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Principal Agreement and Wages & Benefits

A Agreement to June 6, 2021 Updated 5/30/2019
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Communication Agreement

C Agreement to June 6, 2021 Updated 5/30/2019
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2019-2020 C Agreement, Wage Rates Updated 5/30/2019

Residential Agreement

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Residential Agreement to June 6, 2021 Administration 5/30/2019
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Residential Agreement, Wage Rates 2019-2020 Administration 5/30/2019

Voice Data Video National Agreement

The procedure for becoming signatory to the Voice Data Video National Agreement (VDVNA) is fairly straight forward. Even though the VDVNA is a National Agreement, contractors whose companies are located in the Chicago and Cook County, Illinois area will utilize IBEW Local Union #134 (Local 134), and the Chicago and Cook County Chapter, NECA (ECA) as their first point of contact regarding the VDVNA.

  1. Contractors wishing to utilize the VDVNA will obtain blank Letters of Assent either from Local 134 or ECA.
  2. The contractor must complete and sign five original copies of the VDVNA Letter of Assent.
  3. The five signed copies of the Letter of Assent must be submitted to the IBEW, Construction and Maintenance Department, 900 Seventh Street, N.W., Washington, D.C. 20001.
  4. Once approved, the IBEW International President will counter-sign each Letter of Assent and send one copy to the contractor; one copy to the appropriate IBEW vice president; one copy to the "base" local union; one copy to the corresponding NECA Chapter, and one copy will be retained for the IBEW Construction and Maintenance Department files.
  5. Once this process has been completed, the Agreement will be available for use by the contractor.

The Electrical Contractors´ Association strongly encourages contractors interested in the VDVNA to carefully read the new Agreement. This VDVNA contains a very similar Scope of Work to the Communication Agreement in Chicago and Cook County. However, there are many nuances in the new Agreement that the contractor should be aware of before signing the Letter of Assent.

While there are many questions to be answered regarding the implementation of the VDVNA, it is sincerely hoped that this new Agreement will provide contractors with the ability to service existing customers and develop new business in areas outside their home local, which will provide additional employment opportunities for IBEW members.

Please do not hesitate to call the Association office at 708-531-0022 or complete the ECA website Contact Us page if you require any additional information beyond what is being provided here regarding the Voice-Data-Video National Agreement. 

Please use the links on this web page for information to be signatory to the VDVNA. The documents are provided in a PDF format along with instructions for signing and submitting the Letter of Assent to the IBEW as follows:

  1. Access and review the VDVN Agreement and VDVNA Questions & Answers.
  2. Access the VDVNA Letter of Assent.
  3. Access the VDVNA Signatory Process information and follow the instructions to submit the Letter of Assent.


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B Maintenance Agreement through June 6, 2021 Administration 5/30/2019
2020-2021 B Maintenance Wage Rates    
B Maintenance Agreement Wage Rates Administration 5/30/2019