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NECA - IIT Student Chapter Updates

The ECA Student Committee would like to thank Alex Pratt for his presentation at the Student Chapter session on Thursday, February 22, 2024, “BIM in Electrical Construction – The Why, How and Trimble Tools,” as this year’s ECIC primarily concerns BIM utilization. 

He discussed various topics, including:  “Why are electrical contractors using BIM? – What is BIM (Building Information Modeling) / VDC (Virtual Design for Construction)? Contract drawing vs. Install plan; How BIM is implemented; Modeling Apps, 3D Content; Trade Knowledge, Model Collaboration; Data Transfer; Trimble Electrical BIM; and Trimble Tools, among other areas.

Again, we thank Alex for his assistance and welcome ECA members for their input as the project progresses!  Please contact the ECA office for further information.


Alex Pratt

Alex Pratt



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