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Powering Chicago's new YouTube Series released Episode 8 - December 10th, 2023.

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Ep. 8

Last night, Powering Chicago launched the eighth and final episode of Season one's YouTube series, The Power of Better.

The Power of Better Episode 8 unveils the extraordinary projects led by Powering Chicago’s Contractors and IBEW Local 134 Union Electricians. Join Elbert Walters III, Executive Director of Powering Chicago, as he guides us through a series of groundbreaking initiatives that redefine the standards of

electrical craftsmanship and innovation in renewable energy, construction technology, smart living, and audio-visual enhancements.


Powering Chicago members featured in Episode 8 include:

  • RJL Group
  • Pieper Construction
  • Kelso-Burnett
  • Jamerson and Bauwens
  • Continental Electric
  • Maron Electric
  • Gurtz Electric
  • JMS Electric
  • Low Voltage Solutions
  • Linear Electric


If you’re a contractor who’s looking for creative ways to use the technologies you have or if you’re curious to learn more, this episode is a must-watch. Subscribe to Powering Chicago’s YouTube channel to ensure you’re notified every time a new episode drops this year.


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