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NECA 2022 Convention & Trade Show

The Convention was held Saturday, October 15 though October 18, 2022.

NECA National Convention & Trade Show
October 15 - 18, 2022
Austin ,TX

The 2022 NECA National Convention was held October 15 – 18 in Austin, TX.  Nearly 60 registrants from the Chicago & Cook County Chapter were able to participate.  Highlights of the Convention included several Chapter activities, numerous National NECA events, premier educational programs, top notch guest speakers, a fun town to explore, networking opportunities, among so much more.  Listed below are some of those highlights.

Chicago Chapter events:

Friday, October 14th - Outdoor Reception
Four Seasons Hotel Austin 

Sunday, October 16th
The Chapter had reservations available for dinner at a number of area restaurants.   

Monday, October 17th
-Chapter Outdoor Reception / Dinner
Steiner Ranch Steakhouse

Tuesday, October 18th 
-Pre-Closing Outdoor Reception
Four Seasons Hotel Austin

Overall Convention Events:

The Trade Show was held at the Austin Convention Center; the main Convention events were held on-site and at off-site venues. 

Saturday, October 15th - The Opening Reception - The Moody Theater - the famed Austin City Limits Live Concert venue - the host for America's longest running music television series, "Austin City Limits." It hosts around 100 concerts a year, and NECA took it over for a night of music, food, drink, and entertainment around every corner.

Sunday, October 16th - The Opening General Session featured inspirational speaker - Travis Mills, Retired U.S. Army Staff Sergeant, founder of Texas Mills Foundation.

Monday, October 17th – General Session featured Emmitt Smith, Hall of Fame NFL Running Back, Entrepreneur.

Tuesday, October 18th - The Closing General Session featured Scott Pelley, Journalist, Anchor, Author.

Tuesday, October 18th – The Closing Event was at the Palmer Events Center. The program featured Carly Pearce, winner of CMA Female Vocalist of the Year

Governor’s Session
The NECA Governors voted on By-Law Amendment Proposal I – New Vice President of Integrated Systems Contractors and District 10 Vice President Duties.  Also, Charles Fairchild, Fairchild Communication Systems, Inc. was voted in as the new Vice President of Integrated Systems Contractors.

Electrical Construction Innovation Challenge (ECIC)
Iowa State won the overall competition.
The NECA IIT Student Chapter placed Third overall in the Video Competition.

Academy of Electrical Contracting
David Hardt, Chairman of the Academy of Electrical Contracting, Hardt Electric, Inc., introduced the new members to the Academy.

Steve Diamond, Malko Communication Services, LLC was recognized for 20 years in the PLC!  Eric Nixon, NECA Governor, Maron Electric Company, was on hand to accept the award on Mr. Diamond’s behalf.  Congratulations, Steve!

Safety Round Table
Attendees were updated on the most recent OSHA statistics concerning safety on the jobsite, among other areas.

ELECTRI Sessions
Attendees were given a review of ELECTRI activities, as well as an introduction to Future Workforce Development programming.

Business Development Round Table
Group discussions with contractors and NECA Premier Partners on challenges in the industry – supply chain issues, as well as innovations, technology, data products to advance the industry.

Powering Chicago - 3M Tour in Austin
Powering Chicago went on the 3M Tour and conducted a number of contractor interviews. 
The “Power of Better” Powering Chicago YouTube Series premiered on October 17th!  More details on these activities to come from Powering Chicago – please visit their website at

We thank all of the Chapter attendees for their participation with this year’s NECA Convention.  We look forward to next year’s Convention, which is to be held on September 29 – October 2 in Philadelphia!


NECA 2022 ConventionPictured prior to the Governor's General Session from left to right are:
Mark Thomas, ECA Executive Vice President, 
Bob Fimbianti, ECA Vice President, Linear Electric, Inc.,
Eric Nixon, NECA Governor, Maron Electric Company,
Rick Jamerson, ECA President, Jamerson & Bauwens Electrical Contractors, Inc., and 
David Hardt, Academy of Electrical Contracting Chair, Hardt Electric, Inc.

NECA 2022 Convention

IIT Facilitator and students with Scott Block, Block Electric Company, Inc. (center)
at the Chapter Opening Reception.

NECA 2022 ConventionJosh Bone, ELECTRI Director, as he introduced the NECA IIT Video submission.

NECA 2022 ConventionPictured from left to right at the Electrical Contracting Innovation Challenge (ECIC) session are:
Students:  Barak Brown, Aidan Gans, Anika Gerken, Matthew Kamber and Dr. Dan Tomal, IIT.

NECA 2022 ConventionPictured are the IIT students and IIT Facilitator along with Josh Bone, ELECTRI Director (far right),
as the NECA IIT Student Chapter representatives received the ECIC 3rd Place Video Submittal Award.

NECA 2022 ConventionPictured is David Hardt, Academy of Electrical Contracting Chair,
as he addressed the attendees.

NECA 2022 Convention

Pictured is Steve Diamond, Malko Communication Services, LLC - PLC Awardee.

NECA 2022 ConventionPictured is Eric Nixon, NECA Governor, Maron Electric Company (left side of picture),
as he received the PLC Award for Steve Diamond, Malko Communication Systems, LLC.

NECA 2022 ConventionPictured are all of the PLC Awardees.

NECA 2022 ConventionPictured is the start of the NECA Safety Round Table.

NECA 2022 ConventionPictured is Anna Trapane, ELECTRI Director of Future Workforce Development during the ELECTRI Session.

NECA 2022 ConventionPictured on the right side of photo are NECA Business Development Task Force representatives:
Rick Jamerson, ECA President, Jamerson & Bauwens Electrical Contractors, Inc. (foreground) and
Thomas Pedergnana, Malko Communication Services, LLC. (upper right side of photo)
during the NECA Business Development Round Table.

NECA 2022 ConventionNECA Convention Opening Event.

NECA 2022 ConventionNECA Opening Event with the Milwaukee Tool Shed Band.

NECA 2022 ConventionKelli Schult, spouse of WC Schult, Super Electric Construction Company,
sits with a four-legged conventioneer.

NECA 2022 ConventionPictured above from left to right are: 
NECA Convention Emcee, David Meade, and
Maureen Mikulski, McWilliams Electric Company, Inc.,
as Maureen tries her luck with the Prize Drawing.

Steiner Ranch Steakhouse

NECA 2022 Convention

NECA 2022 Convention

NECA 2022 Convention

NECA 2022 Convention

NECA 2022 Convention

NECA 2022 Convention

Chapter Reception / Closing Concert

NECA 2022 Convention

NECA 2022 ConventionPictured is Carly Pearce.

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