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ECA Chicago's Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Training for Electrical Contractors

Webinar #3 has been postponed to January 2022.


ECA Chicago is proud to continue our partnership with Leadership Surge to create inclusive work environments in which all people feel as though they belong. 

Our yearlong program kicked off May 5, 2021, with Leadership Surge’s Alex Willis reviewing the 4 Lenses Personality Training, which establishes a common language and value system for diverse perspectives and unique talent in the workplace or simply in life. 

Our Second Webinar in September, Leadership Surge’s Alex Willis discussed ways to build trust and respect in our work environments and overcome bias. 

If you missed either of the first sessions, just log-in to the ECA website and watch the program here

The next webinar in this series is focused on "Overcoming Judgement".  

An important element of diversity is “open awareness”. Open awareness refers to a quality of consciousness that is not evaluative or actively shaped by pre-existing ideas or intentions, but is fully receptive to allowing the experience to simply occur “as it is”. In this workshop, open awareness is introduced by addressing the evaluative nature of the mind. While open awareness involves non-judgment, most of our daily awareness is clouded by countless judgments and evaluations. By becoming aware of these judgments, an important obstacle of open awareness is removed. In this workshop, participants experience the judgmental nature of their minds and learn about the problematic aspects of judgments.



The 3rd Webinar on Overcoming Judgement has been postponed to January 2022.  More information coming soon!


Alex Willis is a native of Jacksonville, Florida. He has a beautiful wife, Sabrina Willis of fifteen years and two little girls, Alexis and Aubrey. He graduated from the University of Florida with a Bachelor degree in Business Administration. He also received a Master’s degree in Entertainment Business from Full Sail University, where he was the Salutatorian of his class.

Alex was a walk-on player for the Florida Gators and member of the 1996 National Championship football team. He later received a full scholarship and was elected team captain in 2000. He also played for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers under Coach Tony Dungy.

Alex has excelled in Financial Services, Pharmaceutical Sales and Business Development. He has spent the last 15 years working with companies to improve the leadership culture within organizations. His company Leadership Surge values people over process, and focuses on a holistic, strengths-based approach to leadership. After completing a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion program at Harvard University, Alex has developed this special DEI Program uniquely designed for Electrical Contractors.

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