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"VDVNA Review - Know Before You Go" Seminar Highlights

Highlights of the event - Seminar & Networking Session

The Chicago and Cook County Chapter, NECA presented a seminar, called, "VDVNA Review - Know Before You Go." The session was conducted by Mr. David Ward, NECA Midwest Field Representative and was held on Thursday, September 26, 2019 at Maggiano's Banquets in Oak Brook, Illinois.

The "Know Before You Go" VDVNA presentation was intended to be a summary of items an employer should know when securing a project and utilizing the VDVNA. This summary addressed items such as:

  • Requirements prior to beginning a job
  • Scope Review - What's in and what's not
  • Dispute resolution under the terms of the agreement
  • Working members of a firm
  • Appointments of Stewards
  • Workweek differences from your local agreement
  • Holidays
  • Payday and Waiting time
  • Worker classification
  • Portability
  • Benefit payments
  • Equalizing wage packages
  • Transferring workers to base employers
  • Travel Time
  • Layoffs
  • Determining Vacation credits

However, the summary did not address all possible scenarios and was not used as a substitute for reading the agreement or contacting the base and site local NECA Chapters with questions.  The seminar was well attended.  We thank Dave Ward for his time and expertise with this program!

VDVNA Review Session - 9/26/2019Pictured above is David Ward, NECA Midwest Region Field Representative,
as he answered a follow-up question.

D Ward Question ReviewPictured above is David Ward, NECA Midwest Field Representative,
as he reviewed a question during the seminar.

Networking 1Pictured is a portion of the networking session.

Networking 2Pictured above is a portion of the networking session.

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