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Powering Chicago's YouTube Series Episode 6 Coming Soon - August 20, 2023.

Episode 6 of The Power of Better, drops this Sunday! Subscribe to Powering Chicago's YouTube Channel to catch all the episodes

Pob Ep. 6


This Sunday, Powering Chicago will launch the sixth episode of its YouTube series, The Power of Better!

The Power of Better Episode 6 highlights District 230’s AV transformation

In Chicago's southwest suburbs, Consolidated High School District 230 is setting a new standard for audio-visual excellence. Addressing challenges presented by outdated equipment and technical difficulties during school events, the district has undertaken a purposeful mission to enhance its stadiums and gymnasiums. The goal was to create a coherent and engaging experience for the local community, serving as the foundation for a substantial audio-visual refresh just in time for the new school year.

In the latest episode of The Power of Better, District 230 partners with Powering Chicago signatory electrical contractor Low Voltage Solutions located in Lockport, Illinois. Viewers will gain insights from professionals who played a pivotal role in upgrading AV systems across District 230, offering an exclusive inside look into the high school's updated equipment. 


Experts featured in the episode include:


If you’re a contractor that’s looking for creative ways to use the technologies you have or if you’re curious to learn more, this episode is a must-watch. Subscribe to Powering Chicago’s YouTube channel to ensure you’re notified every time a new episode drops this year.


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