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"Effective Client Communication" -- January 13, 2022

The seminar was conducted by David Ashcraft, Advantage Learning Systems.

"Effective Client Communication" -- January 13, 2022

The Electrical Contractor’s Association of City of Chicago’s Research and Education Committee was pleased to have presented a seminar called, "Effective Client Communication."  The seminar was conducted by David Ashcraft, Advantage Learning Systems.  The program was held on Thursday, January 13, 2022 at the Drake Oak Brook Hotel, Oak Brook, IL.

Here is a brief program description:

With all the effort it takes to get an appointment with a new prospect, don't miss the opportunity to win business because of a bad presentation. This program will discuss presentation preparation, awareness, techniques and leadership and provide strategies to influence any audience. Distracting appearance and auditory behaviors and how to reduce them will also be examined. Whether you present individually, or as part of a team, you will take away specific tactics proven to get your presentation off the ground and to land it effectively.

Multiple factors influence effective client communications including self-awareness, self-improvement, social awareness and relationship management. In this session, you will learn how to attract, build and maintain long lasting client relations. Better communication skills lead to more client trust, faster decisions and more referrals. This class will benefit those with 1 or 20 plus years of experience.

Following this course, participants will be able to:

We thank Mr. Ashcraft for his time with the program!

 Effective Communication Seminar 1 13 2022
David Ashcraft
Advantage Learning Systems

David Ashcraft is an expert in transforming tortuous subject matter into educational, engaging, and entertaining material. For over 20 years, David has assisted businesses drive better results in the areas of finance and communication.  He works closely with clients to align with their goals, design solutions and deliver training programs that improve profitability and cash flow.  He received his BA from Washington State University and is a graduate of Pacific Coast Banking School, where he later served as an associate director.  David has taught at Graduate School of Banking Colorado and Graduate School of Banking at LSU. 

Partial list of clients include:
 Microsoft ● Amazon ● CBRE ● Tableau ● Alteryx ● Cushman and Wakefield ● Chase Bank ● Wells Fargo ● McKinstry ● Turner ● Vistage ● TEC Canada

Contracting Associations: NECA ● MCA Chicago ● MCA of Metropolitan Washington ● California PMCA ● MCA Kansas City ● New England MCA ● BTEA of New England 

Effective Communication Seminar 1 13 2022Pictured above is David Ashcraft, Advantage Learning Systems,
as he began the program.

Effective Communication Seminar 1 13 2022Pictured above are the attendees.

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