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Electric Association Membership Awards Ceremony - October 14, 2021

The program was held at the Carlisle in Lombard, Illinois.

The ECA congratulates Steve Diamond, President of Malko Communication Services, LLC, as he received the Electric Association’s (EA’s) “Gold Medal Award for 2020” at the EA Membership Awards program on October 14, 2021 at the Carlisle in Lombard, Illinois. Congratulations also goes to ECA’s own Carrie Spaeth, Assistant Manager, as she received the “Hall of Fame” Award!   Stefan Lopata, ECA member / EA President, Kelso-Burnett Co. moderated the program.

The “Hall of Fame Award” was inaugurated in 1984 to pay tribute to outstanding individuals whose dedication and efforts contributed to the development and growth of the electrical industry in the Chicagoland area.  The recipients are innovators whose hard work and broad vision turned ideas into reality, and fostered industrial growth and social progress.

The “Gold Medal Award” is awarded in recognition of unselfish devotion, imagination, and leadership in the electrical industry; and to recognize efforts to further the Electric Association’s goals of promotion and education.

The ECA congratulates all of the awardees:

2020 Gold Medal Award – Steve Diamond, Malko Communication Services, Inc.

2021 Gold Medal Award – Jason Kinlander, Electri-Flex Company

2021 Hall of Fame Award – Bob Bensdorf, Bensdorf & Abramson; Carrie Spaeth, ECA’ and
Jim Swan, Active Electric Supply

We hope you were able to participate with this special industry event!

EA Awards 2021

Pictured above from left to right are:
Steve Diamond, Malko Communication Services, LLC and
Carrie Spaeth, ECA

EA Awards 2021

Pictured is Stef Lopata, EA President, Kelso-Burnett Co.,
as he began the program.

EA Awards 2021

Pictured at the podium is Carrie Spaeth, ECA.

EA Awards 2021

Picture above is Mark Thomas, ECA Executive Vice President,
as he introduced Steve Diamond.

EA Awards 2021

Pictured at the podium is Steve Diamond, Malko Communication Services, LLC.

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