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YP of ECA Fall Event Highlights

Chicago Department of Buildings Code Updates

YP of ECA Fall 2019 Event Highlights

The ECA Young Professionals (YP) Committee presented a YP of ECA Fall Event at the Kaiser Tiger in Chicago. Representatives from the Chicago Department of Buildings discussed the new code changes and their applicability to contractors, among other areas.  The YP of ECA was excited to welcome the City of Chicago Department of Buildings Commissioner Judy Frydland, Deputy Commissioner, Grant Ullrich and Chief Electrical Inspector, Mike Reynolds.   The attendees learned about how the new Building Code affects the industry.  After the presentation and a lengthy Q & A session, the attendees enjoyed a Social Reception.  The event was open to all ECA members. 

Highlights of the presentation included the following:

Phase 2 Code Implementation

  • Energy Code effective June 1, 2019
  • Administrative Provisions effective July 1, 2019
  • Code published by ICC, mid-October 2019
  • Employee training, Fall 2019
  • Optional use of new code for permit applications, December 1, 2019
  • Minimum standards, Spring 2020
  • New Code Mandatory: August 1, 2020

Overall Key Benefits of New Code

  • Streamline permitting Process
  • Reduce barriers to cost-effective construction
  • Enhance Public Safety
  • Promote energy efficiency and sustainability
  • Facilitate innovative design and construction
  • Benefit from national code development efforts

All Buildings

  • Adopt IBC’s widely-used classification system for construction types
  • Align terminology by using many IBC definitions
  • Adopts specific, up-to-date requirements for a wide range of building materials for walls, roofs, and other construction
  • Some additional requirements for high-rise buildings 80 feet and over 400 feet, but less than full IBC

Energy Efficiency

  • Implement new Chicago Energy Conservation Code based on latest edition of International Energy Conservation Code (2018)
  • Effective June 1, 2019
  • Applies for new commercial and residential construction, and also for major changes in existing buildings – renovations, alterations, additions and repairs
  • Stricter requirements for automatic / daylight sensitive lighting controls
  • Changes to lighting power density

Electrical – Phase 2 Changes

  • Secondary source of power not required for live pumps in buildings other than high-rises and hospitals
  • Where secondary source is utility service, overhead conductors not allowed
  • Standby power for elevators, smoke control systems, domestic exhaust systems allowed to be 60 sec., consistent with ICC/NFPA codes
  • Provisions on design of battery storage rooms (fire-resistance)

We thank Commissioner Judy Frydland, Deputy Commissioner Grant Ullrich and Chief Electrical Inspector Michael Reynolds for their time and expertise with the event.   It is anticipated that the next YP of ECA event will be a "Happy Hour."  Please watch for details regarding the ECA Young Professionals Leadership Conference to be held February 6 - 7, 2020 in Rosemont, Illinois.

YP of ECA Fall 2019 EventPictured above from left to right are:
City of Chicago Department of Buildings (DOB) Chief Electrical Inspector Michael Reynolds,
DOB Commissioner Judy Frydland and
DOB Deputy Commissioner Grant Ullrich.



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